Thursday, September 08, 2011

and just when i thought ....

... i was burned out on socks, here i am with a new cast on.

that's what happens when you swear off socks! something beautiful and amazing comes along, something you just cannot resist.

this sock is a test knit for purrlescent on ravelry.

serenity & firefly

i'm not typically a fan of toe up socks. i haven't done a test knit in some time. but, this pattern was too pretty to pass up!

i'm using some older stash (which, isn't really THAT old, but i'm ashamed it's been in stash since 2006).


the colorway i'm using is in the top left, and is called "cobalt bloom". the yarn in the center was used awhile back for a pair of hedera, and the jade ... crap! hasn't been knitted yet =(

note to self: knit the jade NEXT!


Christine--RHP said...

must try toe up socks...never done them, this pattern is lovely!!

Sue said...

I have never tried toe up socks either. The pattern looks very pretty so far and the yarns you have are just gorgeous.