Sunday, September 11, 2011

i really am going to do it this time!

a sweater! yes, a SWEATER !!!

when i first saw this pattern, i immediately recognized how simple and wearable this cardigan was. and, affordable.

i found both the booklet and yarn locally. yay! i really prefer to buy locally if i can, when it comes to yarn. but, sometimes, i cannot find the stuff i want locally.

this time, i did.


the pattern is called miro. the yarn is weekend.

i had/am having ... a fabulous weekend! i traveled about 1.5 hours west yesterday morning, danced my __ off, and came back this afternoon.

i had a blast with my friends (old & new). i also visited a little (new to me) yarn shop.

i didn't buy any yarn (as, i'd just gotten this weekend yarn less than a week previous). but, i did get some needle tips! they had the nickel tips from knitpicks available.

i came home, unpacked, and cast on this sweater.

i'm knitting the size small (finished 36") with size 6 & 8 needles. knitpicks needles.

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