Monday, October 10, 2011

looks like candy corn!

'tis the season for candied apples, funnel cake, and candy corn! ... whether it be for local fairs (such as the upcoming NC State Fair) or halloween.

that said, my knitting is looking quite "seasonal".

first up, the candy corn ...

malachite 005

this is my first sock for the october challenge. one of the options was to knit a pattern by designer stephanie etting. i chose her "malachite buttefly socks", since i had purchased the pattern online back in the spring.

malachite 009

so, first sock is done, and i hope to cast on sock #2 some time today, and finish the 2nd sock before the month's end.

i've been doing the sock knitting off & on during the day, and in the evenings, i'm knitting on my bat shawl

malachite 020

malachite 022

i'm on my 4th tier (i think) of bats now. of course, as a triangle gets bigger, it gets slower. again, my goal is to finish before halloween, so i can sport my bats!

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Helen said...

Your Bat shawl is lovely. Keep at it so you can wear it this year!

Cheers, Fidgement from Ravelry