Wednesday, January 11, 2012

new year, new projects!

after stuart got his pony, and i got my pillows, and everyone got everything else (hello holidays!), i finally had some time to cast on a couple of things for myself ...

each new month of SKA means a new cast on, for a new challenge.

this month, i am seriously taking on the challenge. yes, i can knit socks, heck, i could probably knit a pair blindfolded. really.

but, that doesn't mean i've mastered all the techniques.

yoda 059

this sock is called "bulgarian blooms" ... it's from the book _sock knitting master class_. the sock is knitted toe up (eeks!) (lol!), and then when the flower portion is introduced, the flowers are knitted as intarsia-in-the-round. the technique is completely explained by the designer, priscilla gibson-roberts.

i'm anxious to start this part, and as you can see, i've chosen my colors. BUT, i'm going to probably wait 'til the weekend to introduce the colors. i just think i need some solid "me time" to try this thing out.

the black is the only "new" yarn (ie: from stash, but never knitted), and the other colors are leftovers. so, if you have a main color, this project will make a good stash buster.

the other pair i'm working on ...

yoda 053

is called linaria bipartita. this pattern is by hunter. oh, so beautiful! the yarn is dream in color "smooshy".

i haven't knitted so much on this, because i've been distracted with other socks ... but, it's such a keeper.

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