Monday, January 30, 2012

where has the time gone?

i have been MOST unproductive. i've been working on all my little projects, some of which i can share, and some i won't until the recipient receives it/them.

i haven't finished too much either, since it's way more fun to start new things!

but, this is what i have finished ...

newyearseve 089
1 christmas sock. yes, one sock. one very long sock, which uses up every bit of that ball of yarn, but still ...

i will cast on the mate at some point when i'm feeling the need for some mindless knitting. the parts between the toe and gusset are mindless, and then after joining back in the round, there's miles of leg to knit in twisted 1x1 ribbing!

the other sock on the right side of the screen is part of a pair.

newyearseve 068
these are my "totem pole" socks. it is a published pattern, and the idea was to use leftovers, and change stitch patterns every time i changed yarns. i first thought these would be a piece of cake, ... oh, was i wrong!

 i decided to change the pattern. it's written for 66 stitches, but i decided i wanted to knit it with 64 stitches. so, that also changes which stitch patterns i can use, as they have to be a multiple of 2, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 32. and it's not that 66 has more factors, it just seems my stitch dictionaries had more choices (or better choices) for stitch patterns with the numbers of 2, 3, 6, and 11. go figure!

the other part that proved tricky, was finding compatible leftovers, and figuring out a color sequence. i didn't really want to have any repeats, but alas i did. i ended up using some of the colors more than once, but i did not repeat any of the stitch patterns. it was fun to try lots of different stitch patterns too ... i found some i'd like to probably use all over for an entire pair of socks.

knitting with leftovers is a trip down memory lane!


Linda said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. You are the best inspiration I've found. Keep knitting those socks and telling us all about them. Love your photos. Today I'm trying to work up the courage to try Cat Bordhi's smooth tomato heel. I've watched the video and it looks very simple. In fact it's so simple it's hard to believe it will really work.

Christine said...

Why don't you write up your pattern? That sounds tempting to use leftovers and go through the stitch pattern book... But I do need my leftovers for my sock yarn mitered squares blanket...