Saturday, April 28, 2012

monkeys strike again

when in doubt, i knit monkey socks. sometimes jaywalkers, and sometimes, monkeys. both patterns are the next best thing to mindless knitting, but make variegated or striped yarns more interesting.

slugs 082

i "won" this yarn last august, in a drawing, when i was completing as many pairs as possible. this yarn is a first for me, it's hazel knits artisan sock. it's kinda "beefy" like socks that rock.

slugs 086

slugs 089

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Christine P. said...

Remind me why I gave that skein up? Oh yes, it's for my solemate who has not tried Hazel Knits Artisan yarn and who likes red!! Love the socks! Glad you used it. If I had kept it, it would still be in the bin!