Thursday, April 12, 2012

happy easter THURSDAY

wow. is this what happens? we get all apologetic?! i'm not quite sure how i stay so busy, ... i think it's my selfish ways. but, of course, why wouldn't i be selfish?!

unless ... i'm making things for other people ... things that i cannot reveal online?

so, mom got her bunnies. yes, ALL her bunnies. we counted them. there were 32 (i think). and then, i finished 4 more ='s 36 ? yes. LOTS of bunnies. she asked, "what do i DO with them ?!".

hmmm .... well, "crochet a chain and attach them and make a garland~!" ... she hasn't done that yet. i think next time, i'm going to make ME a boat-load of bunnies and make a garland, or put hooks in them and hang them from a tree.

cupcake 010

so, in between my crocheting bunnies, and her "secret", i did ask ... "are you making ME something? are you making me a BUNNY?!" ...

... the lies begin .... "NO !"

but, you do see? a bunny ?! yes. she crocheted a thumper! how awesome?!! she crocheted him out of stash, which is primarily Red Heart yarns. which i adore.

you have to understand, my mom has a poker face. she can lie like nobody's business. me? ... not a chance.

so, she made me a giant crocheted bunny, and i made her a million mini-bunnies, and Stuart & Lucy had an awesome weekend ...

cupcake 025

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