Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 more pairs

unplanned 011

so, i did finish my socks! and of course, it's too warm to wear sock now. the pattern is "burning rings of fire".

and, i did buy a couple more hanks of this yarn at the fiberfest we had here.

unplanned 051

i did pretty good at the fiberfest, and only got a wee bit of yarn. the two hanks above are the unplanned peacock studio's twisty sock.

and, i also got some more of the color changing cottons, and another hank of sock yarn (i'll have to get some pictures!).

since i finished the green socks, i cast on, and finished, another pair ...

rivercat3 014

rivercat3 003

the pattern is called "rivercat" and is available on knitty. the yarn is dream in color "smooshy".

and now, i'm scraping around for a sock to knit on, since i can't start another ska challenge sock until tomorrow. perhaps i should knit a 2nd sock for one of my orphans?

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Christine P. said...

Knit a second sock so you won't have as many in August!!! Are you going to partcipate?