Sunday, May 13, 2012

green is my favorite color

green has been my favorite color for ages. one year, for christmas, my niece gave me a bunch of green "things". things: a variety of soaps and lotions from bath & bodyworks. they were all green in color, but different scents. because, apparently the scent didn't matter as long as the item was the correct "color".

... i still laugh about that !

and, regarding the color, i like most greens. light green, mint green, lime, chartreuse, pine green, spruce, brackish, grass green, etc.

and this shade ... for the spring.

slugs2 032

next weekend there will be a local fiberfest. it's part of something bigger, but i'll take my wee fiberfest!

one of my favorite vendors will be in attendance ... the unplanned peacock studio.

the above sock is knitted with their "twisty sock", a superwash 2ply merino. ♥ love ♥ !

this is the same yarn i used to knit my poppy socks last fall.

pony 025

but, back to the green. the green socks are for skamay12. the challenge included knitting a pattern from the designer of the month, who is kirsten kapur. the pattern is called "burning rings of fire" and is a free ravelry download.

i'm being "good" and have actually started sock #2. and, i started something else too ...

recycle 017

... a pink sock  =)


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