Tuesday, February 05, 2013

not much progress

since i finished my hat, i feel like i've not made much progress at all. maybe my heart just isn't into my project? i was so excited about this sock, but it's not working out as planned ....

the sock is from this pattern book (not the picture on the front cover).


the pattern i'm using is called "textured socks".  the front of the leg has a nice zigzag pattern, and the rest of the sock is knitted in seed stitch. well, i've noticed that my seed stitch portion has a very different row gauge than the other part. i'm a bit concerned about that.

i don't have a better picture right now of my sock, other than this crazy photo.


i've been using my fabulous flickr app to upload pictures. it's awfully convenient on the iPhone. but, at least you can see the texture of the pattern, and get an idea of the design.

when a project isn't quite working out, i kinda drag my feet.

i'm housesitting right now, so i don't have full access to my stash or knitting library, so i kinda have to "make do" with what i packed in my big knitting bag.


Acorn to Oak said...

It's a bummer when patterns don't work. And, when you don't have any other projects to turn to. I hope it starts going better for you. It looks good in the picture.

Ilix said...

Ack! House sitting can be such a drag, especially when you realize you have to knit what you brought along..... been there!
I have to admit I like the socks on the front of the book as much as I like the ones you're working on. The teal is especially lovely!