Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the socks are suffering!

i'm not sure why per se ... but, they ARE suffering! i did finish the first sock of this last seen post ...


now, here's a DISCLAIMER! ... i do not have kitties! i've just completed a house/cat sitting gig, and one of the kitties terrorized my knitting.

regardless, that sock is finished. and i have cast on the mate. and, of course i'm not as interested, but perhaps it is more interesting since i keep messing up my current sock:


this sock is driving me a bit crazy. i should be able to knit lace, follow a chart, etc ... but i keep messing up.

i blame all of life's distractions.

i have spent about as much time ripping as knitting. and i don't know why, other than my head is elsewhere.

the yarn is 'panda cotton' ... and the chart is 16 sts wide. i should place a stitch marker on one of my needles.


Acorn to Oak said...

Beautiful socks! But, I totally understand the frustration. I have a pair of lace knit socks that gave me so much trouble that they've been in time out for a few years. I really should pull them out and try again. I have to work on them with no one home, no radio or TV, no distractions at all....but...I still mess up. Maybe it'll go better next time. Good luck with your socks. They're going to be so worth the trouble because they're going to be gorgeous! Happy knitting!

Rainy Daisy said...

I blame the cats. Even if they are not chewing on your needles or tangling your yarn (sock yarn is my cat's FAVE) stuff just goes wrong when they sit there watching you....with judgmental eyes.....

Avoid cat-sitting, and maybe you'll be okay....

cheers! :)