Monday, September 16, 2013

bragging rights!

remember all those socks i finished in august? besides having 12 new pairs of socks to wear, there were other "benefits".

P R I Z E S !!!

yes. swag. i won stuff =)

for finishing the most pairs, i won yarn from mapleweave. she is my sock knitting sole-mate.

to me, she gifted yarns from her various yarn clubs:

BeFunky Grunge 3 on iPhone

this is pretty cool! i've never belonged to a yarn club of any kind, because i'm not willing to gamble. it is a gamble to pay the fee, and get whatever the designer ships.

i'm lucky. all these yarns are so unknown to to me, and they're all beautiful. i'm so tempted to tear off the labels and do some yarn winding now!

but, i will wait a bit, since i'm in the middle of "crochet shawl-landia" and should had finished my summer (now fall) sweater ... and SAFF is coming up.

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