Saturday, December 07, 2013

making the day brighter!

it is SO gray here today.

i ran my usual sort of errands and appointments this morning, and picked up some "brightness" along the way.


on the left, a ball of yarn and some fabric. they yarn is red heart's "boutique unforgettable" in colorway parrot. the colors are not my usual sort, but i wanted something brighter, and not like the colors of my other hats.

below the yarn is some fabric i picked up. every now and then, i will buy 2 yards of a 45" wide fabric to make a quick & dirty tablecloth.

all i do is turn the cut ends under (twice, 1/4" each time, for no cut edges to be exposed) and then stitch across. i leave the selvedge edges alone. i like the simple look.

i've not yet done the sewing, as after checking into tires for my truck, and grocery shopping, and "other things", i didn't feel like sitting down at the machine.

instead, later this evening, i plan on starting a crochet hat (the unforgettable hat! in the same colorway, gasp!).

on the right is a crochet magazine i found at my grocery store. i paged through it quickly, and found at least as many projects i'd like to make equal to the dollar price. so, i brought it home. it will be my bedtime reading. i tried to find it online, but perhaps it's too recent?

hmmm … found some of the patterns uploaded to ravelry here.

projects i'm very  much interested in:

  • merry the moose --- yep! a 7" moose!
  • winter frost --- a cool pullover (cool as in "if norah gaughan did crochet"!)
  • bering sea --- the hat (though it includes a scarf pattern)
  • holly berry cowl
  • the harrison sweater
  • city park gloves
  • spangled lightbulb garland
  • snow cap
  • midnight sparkle sweater
  • woodland cowl
plus, there's a couple of great technique articles on cabling and tunisian stitches.

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Acorn to Oak said...

It always brightens my day to pick up some little things like that too. That magazine sounds like a good one. I'll have to page through it when I see it. Have a wonderful day!