Sunday, December 08, 2013

new hat

so, that yarn i got yesterday … it's a hat now =)


i took this picture this morning, before i started the ribbing.

it's been a cold and dark day here … with rain. and the temperature only (ever so slightly) high enough to keep this rain from being freezing rain & snow.

i had errands to run today, but my biggest goal was to finish my hat so i could wear it out all afternoon!


i cannot even begin to explain how difficult it is to take pictures of yourself!

this was the best i could do --- mom wanted to see my finished hat on my head.

i did not get a single compliment! (really?!) lol! perhaps everyone was in the "i'm shopping for Christmas" zone.

speaking of christmas, i feel like i'm running out of time. i want to start a pair of gloves for myself, or work on my cotton shawl, but i really need to work on _______ (a SECRET).


Monica said...

Lovely hat!

Amanda @ His and Her Hobbies said...

I love the hat and the colors! Awesome!! :)

Acorn to Oak said...

I love it! What a great hat and the yarn/colors are really pretty!

Marco Dazzi said...

Bellissimo cappello, ma sopratutto stupenda modella.