Tuesday, July 01, 2014

♥ love ♥ my new "post-it" flags !

… they're helping me make great progress … plus, i'm mostly following the chart instead of the written instructions.


… so, i'm about to start round 15 (out of 27 rounds). it is slow. crochet is full of "eyes on project" … chart, written instructions, stitches, and constantly counting.

i just want this one finished by friday --- which i'm now starting to doubt, because my progress has been slow, and as the doily gets larger, each round takes more time.

and, i think it's going to be larger than my little blocking board. that means i'll probably block on one of my foam matts (without any lines or circles). that's fine --- as long as it looks symmetrical when blocked.

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Knitgirlll06 said...

I will be adopting this and why I didn't think of that before now I don't have a clue. Thanks for sharing