Monday, June 30, 2014

my new doily

trust me, i have a friend that constantly (with ♥ love ♥ ) refers to my crafting as "granny crafts" … and when it comes to doilies, i have to somewhat nod in agreement.

but, i do everything backwards.

my first knitting project was a sweater.

my first crochet (chains don't count!) was an afghan.

and now, i'm kinda "hooked" on doilies.


this is the update of the one i posted yesterday.

i work full-time, and have overtime today and tomorrow, so my crochet is from stolen moments or lack of sleep.

i really want to finish this one by the 4th, but i doubt that will happen.

because … when i'm trying to squeeze in crocheting, i often make mistakes, and have to rip it out and redo.

this pattern is rather simple --- and my book has written & charted instructions. but i'm only on round 12 of 27 --- and there's more to life here than making things (ugh!).

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