Sunday, August 10, 2014

sock update … yes, i'm surprised too!

my favorite color use to be green. as of lately, i decided my new favorite color is navy blue.

but, i want to knit socks for marco, for when he visits in the winter. and i found a nice green yarn (from stash) for him (green, HIS favorite color) … though he assures me that he will wear any color(s) i knit.


today, while out doing laundry, i cast on this pattern (Haring hit Maassluis), it is free. 

it will be a good knit … all texture, in a gansey style. because of all the knits and purls, i'm trying to hold my yarn in my left hand. 

it is awkward. and i wonder if it would be easier with dpns instead of magic loop. BUT, the stitches are made faster. the slow part comes from switching from one needle to the other. 

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Christine said...

GASP! You cast on a new pair instead of finishing!