Saturday, August 09, 2014

catching up!

today feels a bit slower … because of the rain and the lack of commitments.

never mind i'm always awake at 6:30 on a saturday … the day most sleep in.

i'm still working my way back into a routine, and dusting off the jet lag.

maybe all of it was not jet lag, but jumping right back into an intense corporate environment, without yet regaining a foothold.

foot? feet?


yes … socks … 'tis august now … the month of finishing!


a finished pair of socks!

i actually made a project page here.

i did not realize the stripes would be so large … but i kinda like them.

i also finished another pair, but the color in the photo is not so great … so we break now for a picture of a scooter.


…. a Pandora scooter.

marco sometimes drives 2 different cars, both Fiat, and in the nicer weather (local, and no beach umbrella or chairs) , rides his scooter.

so while out today, i stopped into the Pandora store and picked up a token of my vacation.

knitwise, the above socks are finished, and i'm knitting on another pair.


i'm working on these basic stockinette socks, though i really want to start something new.

… a sweater? (for the fall)
… socks? (because  … need no reason)

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F Sherrff said...

Hi Gray La Gran,
I love your blog, and I love the rose colored socks. Can you please tell me what pattern you used, and the yarn.

Thanks a bunch,