Sunday, September 21, 2014

i'm knitting a sweater!

…. not that this is "news". but, this one will likely be finished in a reasonable amount of time, and then i can start another.

i'm thinking, i'm more excited about what i might start next instead of what i am working on.

however, this is the heather raglan from knitscene winter/spring 2010.


the yarn used in the pattern is 100% alpaca … which i do have in my stash, but by a different company.

i knitted, washed & blocked my swatch.


and all's good.


i'm happily knitting away … and hoping that i don't end up looking like the michelin tire man! i don't think i will, because of the drape of alpaca vs. wool.

what else is up? S H O E S ! ! !


i got a new pair of shoes today, for the fall (and summer, winter, etc ….).

they are red leather clogs, and they are super-comfy!


they are too casual to wear to work, except on fridays.

and, they also require me to knit some other sweaters to go with the new shoes. isn't that how life is?

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Walden said...

Love the shoes!