Sunday, September 14, 2014

one for me, one for him

the for me part is something i didn't knit.

this is hitchhiker. knitted by deb.


she gave this to me the other day --- and i love it!

the yarn she used is a non-wool sock yarn. i do not have the label, however i used something similar when i made my patchwork socks.

the weather is a bit cooler today, and i've been home most of the day --- i have been wearing it around the house.

… finished project #2 … for marco ….


i finished his socks, but i cannot get them to photograph well. either the color is off, or it's hard to see the stitch pattern.


the color and stitch pattern are better in this shot.

the socks will be a christmas gift, only because sending a package to italy is expensive and unreliable. airfare and a personal visit is definitely the way to go!

i have also finished my pink malabrigo lace banana leaf scarf. it just needs to be blocked (schmutzie volunteered to block it for me).

i'm itching. ITCHING. to cast on something new … but should probably finish other projects first.

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