Monday, March 09, 2015


remember the previous post --- well, i've got it!

i figured out the pattern for the crochet afghan.

and, it's really really really pretty!




i took the pattern and yarn home … mom had already given it a "go". but she got stuck like i did.

the pattern doesn't have a chart. i love charts --- they make it easier to figure out where to put the hook when unsure.

however, i muddled through it.

and, i think i've got it (well enough).

what i've done so far … i've made 6 hexagons and 2 filler squares. i'm on my 7th hexagon. i'm thinking for the size blanket i want that i will need 30 hexagons.

i'm on my second skein of yarn (used up my first, and stole mom's skein). this yarn doesn't have dye lots. if i want to continue to work on this throughout the week, i'll have to find another skein or 2. OR, just work on other things until the weekend.

what i like about this --- the texture! and, it has a "join as you go" technique … which means, no sewing together parts. i'll have to weave in ends, but that's easy enough, especially if i do that as i finish my pieces.

the pattern is the Versailles Matelasse Afghan (click link!).


Anonymous said...

I like it too! Purdy, purdy, purdy

elns said...

Wow, you've really churned out a lot of hexagons already. I agree, the texture is lovely.