Tuesday, March 24, 2015


socks use to be my mindless knitting. something i could work on to occupy time as i multi-tasked.

lately, when i want a mindless project, i reach for my crochet blanket project ...


i'm on my 14th hexagon.

i'm still i awe of how beautiful this blanket is --- i love the texture and color!

by the way, i finally decided on the fit of my juniper. it's blocked, and worn 3 days in a row !!!


1 comment:

elns said...

That sweater looks absolutely fantastic on you!

I think you captured it for me with sock knitting, even though you went to the crochet hexagons with your example ... but I love the texture a sock in a great colorway can deliver in a simple sock. Vanilla stockinette or simple repeating mindless knit pattern.