Sunday, July 26, 2015

summer knitting

i've had some summer successes and fails.


and i'm not just talking about knitting. ha! but, in the world of knitting, i am successfully knitting on my 3rd lena tee , and the quince & co. sparrow remains my current favorite summer yarn! i'm knitting this version in the color "banyon".


it's a really nice medium sea green/blue.


of course, i'm knitting as fast as i can. who doesn't want another linen summer top?!


... just a shark photo from the aquarium when i went to the beach a couple of weeks ago.


Andrea @ The Knitted Life said...

I am using the same yarn right now...even the same color. Happy knitting.

elns said...

that yarn looks dreamy. I have a case of arrested development in knitting. I'm hoping to break the curse this weekend.

I'm so glad you saw the shark at the aquarium and not at the beach. hehe.

Have a good weekend. Happy Knitting.

Anonymous said...

Sparrow, Lena's and MINIONS! It's been a GREAT summer so far!