Sunday, August 02, 2015

green ? green ....

green used to be my favorite color. now, it's blue ... or most shades of dark blue (LOVE navy blue).

but today ... today was a G R E E N  day.

today i was wearing 3 shades of green.


on the left, a very old knitted hemp tank. knitted from this pattern too many years ago.

top right, old crocs with minion shoe charms.

down right, an army green stretch skirt my mom gave to me (brand is KOPPEN). it's a stretchy ripstop nylon, and at least one size too big --- but i like the color and that one of the pockets has a zipper.

in a couple of weeks, i'm going to the beach again -- this time -- only for a few nights. skirt and crocs (with minions) are going with me!


Anonymous said...

I like the hemp top. Need to look up the pattern.!

elns said...

Hehe. I think green is my favorite with blue a close second. However Blue-Greens are dreamy!