Sunday, November 01, 2015

here, there, and back in under 48 hours ... SAFF 2015

this was the weekend that i wait for all year long ... my birthday? no! SAFF weekend !!!

it's a blitz of a weekend ... work late the night before, drive 'home' a few hours, stay up late and head up the mountain the next morning. ♥ love it ♥

why do i love it so much? yarn-fest. and fiber-fest. and just fun. a day (mostly) i can spend with mom without any other distractions or responsibilities.

so, this is how it goes ... (phone convo) ....

me: don't make me late.
mom: i never make you late.
me: we HAVE to leave the house by ____ am (insert ridiculous morning hour here).
mom: i have responsibilities in the morning.

this is typical.

so the journey begins .......

SAFF 2015

it's dark! really? did i forget that from last year or did i demand to leave super-early?!

i think i demanded to leave as early as possible, expecting that some obstacle would come up and we'd roll into the venue later than i preferred.

SAFF 2015

mom really wants me to take pictures (that's my duty for not driving). but, i already drove 3 hours the night before, and she really doesn't want me to drive. although i have a camera in my bag, i take lazy iphone photos.

SAFF 2015

as the sun starts to rise, i get to see all the colors i missed the night before driving in darkness. it's autumn in the state.

SAFF 2015

and it's been overcast and rainy ... but stayed cloudy and dry while at SAFF.

SAFF 2015

and finally, after a greasy bojangles breakfast, we arrive!!! what a plain sign compared to years past ..... but, that is a GOOD thing!

i take a quick map/photo just in case we forget where we parked (entering through gate 7 and the venue spaces are different for us this year).

SAFF 2015

(we're the blue dot!)

this is where i hit 'fast forward', as i'm tired ..... and am ready to chill !!!

SAFF 2015

whoops ... ready to go rest now ...... i'll post more later 

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