Tuesday, August 02, 2016

knitting tee's


I have been knitting ... mostly sweaters though. I was at the beach all of last week, and of course took along way more yarn than I could possibly knit, but I like having options.


I started this top (it's the Liaison tee) last Wednesday. It's been in my queue for a bit, and I wanted to try out the Knitpicks Cotlin Dk yarn. It's a pretty fast knit too. I'm well into my 4th ball of yarn and the top only takes 5 balls (for my size).

I should finish this by the weekend. My goal today is to finish the back (this is a bottom up in the round top, then separate for front and back with a 3 needle bind off at shoulders, then the neck and arms are finished in ribbing). All that remains is the back, and finishing.

Yesterday I wore a new outfit. I participated in a ravelry OAL (outfit-a-long) in the Untangling Knots group. The idea was to knit (or crochet) a garment piece and sew a corresponding piece to complete the outfit.

I chose to knit the official top (Zinone) and sew a skirt.



The "official" yarn for the top is Quince & Co Sparrow. It's a really really nice linen. But, I was determined to knit from stash, and used a fine substitute ... KP's Lindy Chain.


The skirt is called Bristol, and is from the online sewing magazine Seamwork. The magazine has a $6/month subscription, and each month they publish a new magazine and 2 new patterns. Each month, I get 2 credits to apply to a download of a pattern. One pattern is 1 credit. I enjoy the articles too.

I'm not so sure if I'd make the skirt again ... but I definitely see myself making a 2nd Zinone top!

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elns said...

Your Zinone is really fabulous. Great fit. The whole concept of an Outfit Along is kind of crazy amazing. (I don't sew so you see where my incredulity comes from)

I've never knit a garment in cotton before, but you're knitting cotton with linen and I do love linen! Excited to see the finish.