Thursday, July 13, 2006

chicken feet!

chicken feet!

the best thing about the chickens is their feet ... i don't know why i like their feet so much. i just do.

this fat fellow was finished yesterday ....

oh! and i'm only 7 rows away from beginning chart #2 of icarus!!!


Rebekkah said...

So cute!

I recently had the opportunity to touch the real feet of real ducklings. They're amazing! Very warm and soft, and slightly rubbery feeling.

del said...

The chickadee is too cute!!

Icarus looks really amazing & so soft!

DKitty said...

Well, it's official... if I don't make a little farmyard topflappen soon, I may just DIE! Stop posting so many cute pictures, darnit ;p
BTW, are you responsible for the cute little surprise I found in my folder yesterday???

Liz K. said...

Hey GLG, your blog never fails to leave me smiling! Your comment on XRK was hilarious too, and I am firmly in the socks with Danskos camp.

amanda cathleen said...

chicken feet are too funny! : )