Monday, July 31, 2006

sneak peek

i'm a big fan of rowan, and here you can see why.

edit: using a different link now, directly to rowan.


Jenna said...

Looks like Rowan's going to have a self-striping yarn in the fall...interesting. Also, I am head over heels in love with those socks.

dk said...

I can't get that link to do Anything! (And I Really do want to know why you're a big fan of Rowan.)
(Or I mean, why you're _STILL_ such a big fan of Rowan ;p)
(Oh shoot, despite all their weirdness, I guess no one can quite do can do what Rowan does...)

Anonymous said...

Trust me, DK - Rowan is back to it's core customer - and still able to have a little edge. And, now they sized up so I might sometime get to make a Rowan sweater.

Natashua of Narnia (go it this time!)

who put the devil in the kitty?? said...

Oh Natashua, YOU don't need Rowan to make a Rowan sweater. You can design circles around all of them, you silly grrl! :p