Monday, December 04, 2006

thank you all for the compliments on the stockings ... i hope the client likes them as much !

i guess i forgot to mention in the previous post the source of the pattern for the stocking. the inspiration was from nicky's knitted christmas stockings. the woman for whom i knited these stockings supplied everything, as it was an abandoned project. when i received the materials and book from her, she had begun knitting the basic stocking in the booklet, as instructed. her original intentions were for me to just finish the stockings.

but, after looking at the progress and construction, i contacted her and told her how it could be better, and she granted me carte blanche to proceed with my ideas.

i did not change the materials. she picked the yarns and colors. but, i did change the construction. the nicky epstein patterns are all written for 2 needles, and i made the stocking knitted in the round. i've knitted lots of socks, and i figured a stocking is just a giant sock. so, i loosely followed the nicky instructions regarding the finished size, but changed the rest.

i cast on at the top with a provisional cast on. i knitted the cuff separately from the bottom edge to the top, and then did a three needle bindoff with the stocking stitches. that gave a nice firm top edge that would not roll to either side, because i could not figure out how to get a nice turning ridge when knitting in the round and have the cuff in reverse stockinette and the stocking in stockinette.

so, i guess i did write the pattern.

oh, and the little crochet snowflakes at the top? those are a few of the ones i managed to starch when that project was abandoned a few years ago. they're all from this booklet.


amanda cathleen said...

your snowflakes are magical! Now, I have to learn how to crochet more than a chain : )

jackie said...

i keep coming back and looking at the snowflakes, and i made the hippie come look at them, too. i love snowflakes. (couldn't be happier about this year's christmas stamps btw!)