Thursday, December 21, 2006

this is knitted from kureyon 138. i only have one more colorway of kureyon ... but two different dyelots !

i picked up a second hank of this yarn when i went down to bella filati on saturday. i had originally only purchased one to make a pair of fingerless mitts, but then decided, what if i want to knit socks ? and now i'm thinking i might want to knit gloves ....

whichever it is, i will be knitting them with these 5" needles from lantern moon.


tammy said...

Do you like the 5 inch dps? I got a set of the shorty Brittanys and I'm just not finding them very comfortable. I think my hands must be too big or something.

gray la gran said...

i don't know yet because i haven't knitted with them. but, i figure i can adjust, and maybe the shorter length will be better for glove fingers. fingers crossed !

sgeddes said...

Love the square! I just bought a skein of 138 for a Lizard Ridge sqaure

Krawuggl said...

Your Lizard ridge patches are beautiful, love your colours a lot. I also looked at the instruction, but I have to confess I am such a lazy knitter and this pattern needs a lot of thinking and watching. So I really adore your patience to do it.
Have wonderful holidays, with a lot of joy and laughter and good food and drinks, simply said, have a real great time!
Greetings from Bavaria,
And thanks for the movie recommendationts, so sad that we don´t have them here. But the movie about the Griswold family is on TV every year and we like it a lot, especially when he is enlightening the house. And I love the outfit of his brother!