Friday, December 22, 2006

warming the extremities ...

i would say that christmas came early, but instead it's really a birthday that has been celebrated early. my birthday is not until the 24th, but i won't be around then, so my friends celebrated early ... and i tell you what ... they know my house is cold and that my hands are cold when i'm tapping at this keyboard!

this luscious red pair is malabrigo and knitted by rrrrrrita. it's a very basic pattern, and you can get 2 pairs and then some with just one hank of yarn. i made the same pair for my niece, and still have enough leftover for a matching hat or maybe some more mitts for someone else. hmmm ...

fetching... i think everyone has knitted these but me! these were knitted by the knitter formerly known as pinky, with cherry tree hill's worsted wt. possum fur.

and this pair? koigu .... from the rib and cable mitts pattern from this issue of interweave knits magazine. they were knitted by olive landlord, the original yarn sniffer!

and then there was some other yarn-y goodness from deb-a-licious ... i think she has me knitting about 5 pairs of socks so far, if i can get my sock needles clicking again .... i don't think it will be long though before i cast on with this lorna's laces sock yarn.

... or either of these more classical sock yarns by steinbach wolle and reynolds.

and this was just the tip of the iceberg !

i tell you what! it's a looooong loooong wait for gift time ... and i've been a good girl this year!


Mouse said...

What an awesome haul! Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday too!

Tygher Knits said...

I have not yet knitting myself my fetching mitts. How much yard did it take you? I'm dying to make some for myslef, as my hands too are always cold, and I hates the gloves.

Happy Holidays, whichever you delight in. :)

gray la gran said...

thank you!
i did not knit fetching, and might not ever ... as the sock yarn stash has grown :)
i do know that pinky had leftovers from the possum fur yarn that she used. and i've heard that lots of knitters have run out or run very close with the yarn called for and similar substitutions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gray,

Sounds like a good CHristmas down at the old homestead. Miss it, and even though my good friend, Agent Alice Gray, came as always to visit, we both missed the spirit of Raleigh.

Take care,
Nastashua of Narnia.

pinky said...

Having knit a pair of fetching mitts myself, I can say that a little over 100 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn would be enough. Less than 100 would really be pushing it. Now if only I had a pair of my own!