Friday, June 01, 2007

all about the sockens ....

during the long holiday weekend, last weekend ..., i got a fair amount of knitting done. first up, a sock that was started months ago! just about every sock i knit has a stall point. sometimes it's just deciding on a pattern, or gauge, but most often ... it's the toe.

"have i knitted enough? will it be too long, too short? what if ...."

i have a lot of toe anxiety. but, with this sock, there aren't too many choices ... only two choices, as to when to begin the toe. that wasn't really the problem ('cause i'm on a tangent). the problem was, i made a mistake somewhere. so i had to rip. did i rip immediately? gosh no ! i think i waited months. but, once i did rip, i finished in a jiffy.

oh, this is the embossed leaves sock knitted with black liisu sock yarn, a fingering wool & mohair blend. the yarn did color my hands. also, the mohair blooms upon knitting. the photo does not give the pattern justice though ... here' s a detail shot.

also, last weekend ... i visited a couple of yarn stores in charlotte. mom picked me up at the train station friday morning, and we sat for awhile in the parking lot, keying in the gps locations of charlotte yarn and baskets of yarn. the yarn above, trekking 05, was purchased at the first stop, charlotte yarn. i got another colorway of trekking there as well. i love trekking ! i was also fortunate to find some size zero dpns there, as my other set is misplaced. so, i have one sock knitted thus far, and plan on starting the mate within the next month.

i must add, i give thanks to cristi for giving me the inside scoop on charlotte LYS's. thanks cristi!!!

yay ! finished socks !!!

yay ! fresh socks !

of course, i started some fresh sockens (disclaimer: i am NOT the most monogamous sock knitter in the world). this yarn was purchased at the second venue of the day. i'm always on the hunt for some good solids. this is sockotta, a cotton/wool/nylon blend. i am knitting the child's first socks from nancy bush's _knitting vintage socks_ book. i charted the pattern as i'm not a big fan of reading line by line instructions. i am ready for the heel. yay!


The_Add_Knitter said...

Tox anxiety, hehe, that's a good one. Now are we talking toe up or cuff down, because when I'm doing cuff down I am so psyched to be at the toe that I completely rush in a joyful frenzy as the end is in sight!!

gray la gran said...

if it were toe up, i'd have heel anxiety ... so, i'm talking top down ! the end is in sight, but i'm kinda particular about how the fabric feels at my toes. and for some odd reason, that can mean a row or few can make or break the comfort.

turtlegirl76 said...

I find the Embossed Leaves to be pretty accomodating when it comes to size. There may be 2 different stopping points but the stretch factor really helps.

amanda cathleen said...

Great trekking sock. And I love your birks. : )

magnusmog said...

An FO from long ago, how satisfying :)

Stacey said...

I charted it out also - I can't figure out why the socks in that book have no charts?????