Wednesday, June 27, 2007

why save ...

the best for last ?!

this is so not mine ! it's corbett's. he's coming down to nc next week, and sent this yarn here as a treat for himself, as he didn't think it would reach his home before hitting the road. so, i get to foster, pet, love it for awhile before he takes custody.

what do i get for my inconvenience? i get this ! YAY !

both lovelies are from fearless fibers.

on the budget end of knitting ... i have been teaching sock classes at my LYS. i teach the class in three sessions, with homework in between. i finally settled on a good yarn for teaching/learning purposes ... it's plymouth's encore worsted.

i am using a size 6 dpn, and i can get a pair of socks from one ball of yarn! pretty good for such a quality economic yarn ... and, it's pretty!

these will make great christmas gifts ... if i stop knitting them to fit me !

this is the yarn mom picked out for her sockens. i needed a mindless sock project a few days ago, so i cast on for these ... they are as requested ... "no holes, no ridges" . i'm using the newish kp's size 2.25mm dpns.


Anonymous said...

Your socks are 'hot'!...literally! If you 'ever' decide to knit socks 'other' than your size...I call 'dibs'!

Mouse said...

*gasps* Top Down? Every one of them.. Top down? Where's the Toe Up love? I mean.. really. *grinz* I'm kidding. Sort of.
(by the way.. thanks for being an evil enabler.. I needed another etsy wool seller to stalk)

amanda cathleen said...

I was going to say steal Corbett's yarn! I love the greys, but he was kind enough to include a VERY lovely skein for you! What a sweetie!
your mom's socks are striping quite nicely! : )

Stacey said...

Deb has some wonderful yarns - her sock yarn is amazing stuff!!!

Look at you crank out the socks! Encore will I'm sure make for warm, comfy durable socks - and washable too!

Peggy said...

Your socks are awesome! I especially love those red and purple and orange stripes! I had some mishaps with my toe-up socks but I hope to get back into the groove soon. :)

jackie said...

i thought you weren't supposed to open that package yet... naughty girl!