Saturday, June 23, 2007

let's get monkeybusiness out of the way first! last week, i was in a hurry to finish my first jitterbug monkey sock. i was eager and anxious to see if by omitting one repeat of the leg, and extending the toe a wee bit, and knitting a slip stitched heel flap, would yield enough yarn for a proper mate.

jitterbuggen monken socken

well, the above socken weighs in at a whopping 52gr! and the leftovers ... a generous 60gr. hmmm ... doesn't 52+60=112 ? what's up with that? what about the label that reads 100gr ? i'm not complaining. i just don't get it.

anyhoo ... i will have a lovely pair, someday ....

in the meantime, i, of course, have started another sock project. i saw these beauties on flickr the other day. and then, i saw these. and that was enough to make me want some of these too ! you can get your copy of the pattern here.

marigold(green) socken toe

of course, i often run into problems when i change things ... i haven't hit any walls yet, but i am knitting these with the toe from the ann budd's toe up sock in summer IK. i also made my increases kf&b vs m1. i'm also going to attempt a reverse heelflappen as in knitty's widdershins.

i am using lorna's laces shepherd sock. it's holding up quite well to my rippin' & re-knittin'. and finally, finally, i am knitting a green sock !

speaking of green ... lookie what i got !!!

fuzzy salad greens

shawl potential ...

it's louet's kidlin. it came all the way from NYC as a gift from a fellow yarn-ho, the incredible jackie ! thank you! thank you! thank you!

and, because i sometimes like to brag and show off, i also got THIS !

koigu !!!!

OMG! KOIGU! i'm trying really hard to not ditch all my 10 other sockens on needles and wind this up and start some kind of socken this moment!

by the way, incase any of my friends are wondering, i have not done laundry yet ! how can i with all these lovely distractions ?

and lastly, on the yarn front, my mom also picked up some yarn for me when she was on vacation last week at myrtle beach (no worries, she's going somewhere much more exotic (mexico!) next month)(and i don't think there are any yarn shops on cozumel).

beach yarn
click on photo for notes

she was requested (possibly emphatically told) to not get any yarn that had those faux-fairisle blips. what does she get in return? a pair of socks, but "without ridges and holes". she wants hers to simply stripe, like the picture on the label. so, when i'm ready for my next mindless knitting socken, i will reach for the reds for mom.


tammy said...

Please, adopt me and teach me all your socky ways. Your socks absolutely make me drool!

Dk said...

Oooo, your Mom did Great with the socken yarn! (She deserves a BIG reward :) The marigolds are looking beauty; hurry up and get to the heel! :P

painter girl said...

love love the green socken toe!
and all the yarn...beautiful! When are you heading this way?

Stacey said...

Love the new green socks. That Koigu - OMG!!!!!!! you have great restraint not to knit it NOW!

sweetfigs said...

What a cute affesocken you made there. I'm trying to make myself wait until July to start the Monkey, and you're not helping my resolve!

amanda cathleen said...

that is one smashing monkey sock! And your green socks rock! I added them to my queue I have to knit them soon : )
How are you not knitting that koigu right now? Its LOVELY!