Monday, November 12, 2007

i got a whole lotta nuttin'

maybe the making of mates has got me jonesing for something else to knit ... i chose to go ahead and cast on for the mate of this sock, for fear i'd forget any little details i'd failed to document. well, i must have failed somewhere because i did not begin the leg pattern at the same point in the chart as the first sock. oops. no matter ... it fits!

this mate is a glove! the cooler weather finally hit, and i realized i could be wearing some swanky green gloves if i'd just get on with the mate !

i like knitting gloves ... though they are fiddly. but, when i peruse the web, i find lots of inspiring samples, and i start dreaming of my next pair.

i also have a bit of the shawl bug. this is brook's farm duet, a dk mohair and wool, with tons of yardage. hopefully, it's enough yardage to complete a swallowtail shawl. this colorway is absolutely amazing! and i can't tell you the colorway because i promptly lost the label while winding the yarn into a ball on my way home from SAFF. but, it's black & blue, and blue & black, and it's really really pretty!

it's also pictured below at stuart's feet. that's some of the haul from SAFF. click on the picture to go to my flickr and see what everything actually is.

day 1 of SAFF


JM said...

And a beautiful blog it is to look at. Love how you frame the pictures in matching colors.

turtlegirl76 said...

Meh, all the Brooks Farm colorways are letters and numbers anyway. I prefer names. But maybe I'm weird.

Jan said...

Don't worry...Swallowtail doesn't tkae all that much yarn. Yours is going to be a stunner. Blue-black..mmmmm.

aquaknits said...

Another gorgeous Brooks Farm yarn, they seem to be everywhere lately, gotta try some. The color looks beautiful.

I bow to your glove knitting skills, I find fingers to be so troublesome to knit.

Stacey said...

I've got the mitten and glove bug too....hubby requested a pair this weekend, so that is probably what I'll be casting on next!

angelarae said...

Girl, that's some gorgeous fiber. I really like the blue and black. How do you get the cool effect (swirlies and colored framing on your pics?
I like that.


Lisa said...

Stuart looks naked! Put some clothes on that boy!

amanda cathleen said...

Love the TV yarn, lovely colors!
Your shawl is beautiful, I hope you have enough yarn too.

kim said...

Swallotail looks great! All your photos look SO fabulous. I'm seriously jealous over here.