Tuesday, December 18, 2007

more pandas! oh my!

inspite of the things i should be doing, i could not help casting on for something (possibly) for me.

more panda wool sockens. yep. i just love the look of of the solids in this yarn, and i love the fabric!

it really shows of the texture of roza's socks, again. i would love a sweater in this yarn ... but i think the world knows i would end up with orphan sleeves .....

specs: panda wool in colorway jet (black & blue).
susan bates 2.25mm dpns
roza's socks from IK spring '07.


Stacey said...

it looks almost heathered...beautiful!!! A sweater from sock yarn - brave woman. I'd never do it! I'd never finish it! :)

jackie said...

you should just go ahead and change your blog name to the haphazard SOCK knitter, man. you are a woman posessed. :)

are we knitting on sunday? say we are! i love your mama, but she can WAIT!