Monday, December 10, 2007

socks from the vault

i did get a fair amount of sock knitting done on my trip, as there was lots of waiting or travel time, but of course i didn't think to take any pictures until the light of day was fading today.

have you ever tried to take a picture of black socks after the sun has already dipped behind the hills?

these are not freshly knitted, but they are recently repaired.

handknit socks are worth repairing. the first time, years ago, one had a hole on the bottom of the foot ... from a snag on a nail in the wood floor. this time, the socks had been in bad storage, and had some thin spots here and there from yarn-eating-bichos.

i took them with me on my trip to repair, just incase it was cold here upon my return. HA! i left the caribbean and returned to the balmy south. 80* in december kinda sucks.

aside from that, i think this is the first pair of socks i ever knitted, following the instructions for the basic sock in nancy bush's _folk socks_ ... meaning, these socks are from '94.

back in the day, i knitted 56 st. socks. now, with the same wt. yarn, i usually knit 64 or 72 st. socks.

back in the day, it use to take me 12 hrs. to knit a pair. i dare not time myself now. i'm just not interested in knowing those things anymore.

and i'm guessing here ...
yarn by socka in black tweed with colored flecks
probably size 2 dpns.
56 sts.
basic basic basic.


Stacey said...

basics are sometimes best!

turtlegirl76 said...

Wait. I think this is the first sock post I've read of yours that didn't call them "sockens" You feeling ok?

Brenda in Toronto said...

welcome back! and i first read 'bichos' as 'bitchos', which i guess works too :) i hate yarn-eating-bitchos!