Tuesday, March 04, 2008

making mates

i went on a little trip, and decided that it would be a good time to make some mates. i was especially motivated to finish these koigu monkey socks, as they were my entry for the january sockdown on ravelry. they were finished just before the deadline ... feb 29th.

it seems i've made at least 4 pairs of monkeys. and, i have a jitterbug monkey orphan somewhere around here. i find that kinda funny, considering i don't really like to do the same thing more than once. but, i think the monkey sock pattern falls under a different catagory ... as for me, it's in the realm of mindless knitting.

this pattern too i've done (now) more than once. this is roza's socks from IK spring '07. i really loved how my first pair came out ... and decided i needed more basic socks in my drawer. the yarn, like the first pair, is panda wool in 'jet black'. the dyelot i have looks more like a black and blue mix though.

and then, of course, i had to cast on for something new. i am loving this sock! this is ann budd's tyrolean stocking from IK fall '07. this is also an entry for ravelry's sockdown kal.

the yarn was purchased on a roadtrip through minnesota years ago. this yarn is the best thing i took from that experience. it's called original homespun by bemidji woolen mills, in minnesota. it's a coarser version of cascade 220 (with 5 more yds). it definitely has that rustic feel.

i thought this would be a quick knit due to the gauge, but cabling isn't exactly a quick process. and, at this gauge, it makes my left hand tired.

the good news is that i am almost finished with the leg portion (and the cables!). my intentions are to go ahead and cast on the mate as soon as this one is finished, or i fear it too will become and orphan.


Kelly said...

I don't know how you keep up with all those orphans but I must say a sock you fell out of love with seems to breath new life when you find it again and make it's partner. And BTW, love the cable sock. I have the issue of IK but never really looked at the sock. I might consider making that some time in the future.

Stacey said...

love the monkey's - i made a pair for my sister and I can see how they'd be addictive! Love the tyrolean stockings - I have those in my queue too!!

Esoteric Knitter said...

Lovely! Absolutely fantastic pattern pick for the March sockdown. :)

aquaknits said...

Great new socks! That monkey pattern is some sort of addiction. It just flows right. And I love the Tyrolean! It does seem complicated, but totally worth it, very elegant!

joy said...

It's the basic socks I reach for most often too. And the Tyrolean socks have been on my queue; yours are looking great!