Monday, March 10, 2008

the workings of a pixie

i was hoping to have a lovely picture of my pair of tyrolean stockings ... but no! yesterday morning, as i was nearing the end of the leg, i noticed that i was missing a purl stitch (all the cables are flanked by a purl st.). gasp ! shit !

upon further examination, as i tried to find the location of lost stitch, i finally found the bugger hanging out, inside the sock, on the 3rd round! good grief!

"don't panic! how does it look? is it noticable? .... YES !" ... so i ripped. and cast on again.

sigh of resignation .....

like any adult, i'm going to blame wee stuart.

i'm sure i saw him in my knitting bag ...

here's another lesson to share: when you have such a knitting "accident" don't tell your mother. thus begins the inquisition, "were you drinking ju-ju juice ?!" (that's what she calls wine) ... crap! i don't remember. (which is likely an indication to her that hootch was involved) (but, i think this error was made sober) (i think all of socken #2 was sober) (maybe that's the problem?)


aquaknits said...

Ouch! Every time I make some sort of mistake like that, it's always Waaayy back at the beginning. I'd blame Stuart too, he's got mischievous eyebrows. :D

Stacey said...

Not sure what I would have done. Probably tried to ladder it up the whole way fighting the yarn. Anything but rip!!! Bad, bad Stuart!!