Saturday, November 08, 2008

seriously crappy photography and knitting

(sigh) ... it's been an extremely loooong week. tonight is my "friday night". i cooked a chicken (i think underdone). i've wrecked a project (got off pattern somewhere). my laundry pile is about as tall as i am. (sigh)

all these things can be fixed (well, minus how my time was spent ....). when i reheat the chicken, i can "cook" it more. i am pretty good at lace, so i can usually find my mistakes. and laundry, ... some of that may be done tomorrow.

i don't know why i chose to start a new lace project when my mind is worthless. i guess it's part of being exhausted, and making poor decisions. i should had probably worked on one of my mindless projects, but i was itching for something new.

the something new? jatta's "zetor scarf". it's more like a shawl, being triangular ... and can be large or small, depending on how many repeats are knitted.

i had recently found this pattern on ravelry, and fell in love with its simplicity and spiderweb quality. my lys got in a yarn that i thought would fit the bill ... Järbo Garn's Gästrike 1-ply . it's 660 yds of single plied heathered black ... and only $8/hank. just think, countless hours of pleasure (except when you mess up) for only $8! ... that's way better than a movie.

speaking of movies ... perhaps that's another reason i'm off pattern. my netflix dvd came a couple of days ago, and i'm just now watching it (dexter, season 2 disc 2). so, probably not the best idea to knit lace and watch a movie.

(sigh) ... so, gotta love that flash photography!

editted: lace fixed (movie on extended pause).


amandacathleen said...

good to hear the lace is all fixed, looks beautiful so far! too bad laundry can't do itself, its my lest favorite chore. right next to dusting. blech.

painter girl said...

Beautiful scarf.
Love Dexter!
Bring your laundry over here and I'll help you fold it. Coming to Raleigh soon. We'll have to get together.