Monday, November 24, 2008

side tracked with lace

zetor scarf

my socks are not finished. big surprise. but, i have made quite a dent in my lace scarf!

in the beginning, i was making all sorts of mistakes. i am blaming the fuzzy heathered yarn for that. i succumbed to stitch markers, and that has made all the difference.

getting there ...

i still won't use lifelines. don't worry. i have been punished for that with at least one incident of dropped stitches involving several yo's. but, after knitting on the same repeat (9st 18row repeat) for about 8 repeats thus far, it's not so nightmarish to fix things. and just for saying that, i'm sure it's bound to happen again.
specs: zetor scarf by jatta. yarn is Järbo Garn Gästrike 1-ply (660yds, 100g). 4mm turbos.

wait, there's more ....


click on picture for all the details

i started the triinu scarf from nancy bush's new _knitted lace of estonia_. i really wanted to try something out from that book, and could not wait to finish the zetor scarf.

but now, i am getting the two confused, so i may just have to finish zetor first.

but, it's (back to triinu) my first project knitting nupps. NUPPS. so far so good. i am not using lace needles. i'd like some lace needles, but i am finding the kp's harmony needles smooth and pointy enough. in the past, i have avoided nupps by substituting beads. no one noticed the nupps were missing because they were dazzled by the pretty beads. i am making an effort to knit the pattern as written, because it's always a learning experience with nancy bush.

lastly, i cannot stay away from knitpicks. i ordered another set of color cards. this time, i ordered palette. i am thinking it will be nice for some smaller lace projects.

colorcards  :)

and i got this book too .... (from an independent book seller, not kp)

new book

i do enjoy knitting lace shawls, and i have always like the designs of evelyn clark. now, i have her brain in a book !

i do hope there's enough continuity here, because i am crazy tired. i am very happy that i am only working 3 days this week. maybe i can finally do some laundry, and finish a sock.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a better way to be sidetracked than being sidetracked by lace!

painter girl said...

Pretty. I love the red!
Sorry you are so tired. Hopefully you can get some rest this weekend. Been meaning to call you. Will do it soon.

aquaknits said...

Lovely lacework, I'm amazed at your skill, working lace in such a dark color!