Monday, November 03, 2008

bits'n pieces

i am just not completely focused on one project right now. instead, i have dabbled in all sorts of knitting from the very basic to most complex.

the first is very very basic ... leg warmers!

1/2 done

i finished knitting these on the way to saff, i even seamed one in the hotel. and then, i got new stuff at saff, and never touched these again. all that remains is seaming up the second leg. tisk tisk, shame on me.

these are not of the baggy 80's variety, though there is something to be said about the stripes. i thought the colors would blend more subtly together, instead they are screaming bands of color. ooops.

next up for easy peasy is good old basic socks!


these are almost finished ... and when they are done, i will dig through the stash for my next mindless socken knitting. it seems lately that i am more interested in plain socks then fabulous complex socks. i think it's because i'm saving the fabulous complex for things such as this ...

love hate

this is my lovely cashmere and first set of addi lace needles, knitting the alpine lace scarf from _victorian lace today_. for now, it's a real challenge with patterning happening on both sides, with a lace yarn with unexpected boing, and impossible to find dropped yo's. it's my love/hate project. i'm just not in the groove yet. i want to be in the groove.

i have been craving lace lately.

next to mindless ....

this is my mindless lace knitting project. i switch off between the mindless socks and this mindless lace. i am about 3/4's finished with this scarf. when it is finished, i will start another ... different pattern, different yarn, but more lace.

and lastly, i finally started to work on my mate to this socken. i started to work on it again on the last day of soctoberfest. i really suck at kal's.

laila 1
i am near the cuff, on the first half of the large motif. it is slow going, but quite satisfying to knit. once i get through the big bug motif, the little pattern is a breeze.


kim said...

Digging the legwarmers. I have some plans on making my own boot-cut style legwarmers.

painter girl said...

Love the color blue of that lace. and the purple scarf is divine. Can't wait to see you in person and see all these goodies. Want to come for Thanksgiving?