Thursday, January 01, 2009

a little outing

a couple of days ago, we went in search of a 'yarn store' in the next county. it was a bright and beautiful day ... a good day for a drive.

stuart dragged along his christmas present, the still unnamed socken creature, in blue.

we did have success. but calling the place we visited a 'yarn store' is quite a stretch. it was a cross stitch, gift shop, frame shop, with some yarn in the corner store. to this store's credit, what she had wasn't crap. the selection was just tiny.

she had a small stash of some cascade 220. and she had this red & black mix, which i'd not seen before in cascade 220 (col. 9544). it's knitting up like a ragg yarn, which i like the look of.

i couldn't decide between gloves or a hat. i settled on a hat ... Jacques Cousteau Hat. it's something i had queued awhile back on ravelry. i am a big fan of hats with the watchman's cap style, and a big folded over hem that can be pulled down to cover the ears. you can see all the knitted versions over on . i am about to finish, doing my decreases at the top.

i am knitting the women's size on US 5 needles.


Mouse said...

Ugh.. I hate when the "yarn shop" in question is a shop that has like 5 hanks of yarn in the corner. I do love that Cascade though and haven't seen it yet either.. I have a purple/black and a green/black like that but not red.
Happy New Year to you and the socken critters!

painter girl said...

Love the new friend Stuart he jealous or is he in love?
The hat is gorgeous. Had so much fun with you!

Amy M said...

Is Stuart's present a girl or a boy? I have name ideas :)

Amy M said...

Aquaria? Although water-bearers aren't really until the end of January - she might be ringing in a new age.