Thursday, January 15, 2009

shawls shawls shawls SOCKS

you'd have to imagine, that with all that shawl knitting, that my brain (and movie watching) would crave something different.

hence ... the sock. the basic sock. the no brainer sock. plain jane.

this is patons kroy socks stripes (colorway burnished sierra stripes). the kroy sock yarn is a little thicker than most fingering wt. sock yarns. its yardage is only 166yd/50gr. when i made mom's socks, there wasn't much yarn leftover. i did think, that if i knit these like mom's, that if i run out, i'll just use her leftovers on my toe.

and then i thought (not always the best plan of action) ... that perhaps i'll try the same short row heel from my pgr socks.

so, that's where i am now ... wrapping and turning .....

of course, the back up plan is to do my traditional heelflap. but, if i don't like the short row heel feel, i will rip and go searching for the other leftovers.

1 comment:

Stacey said...

very nice! like the color! you can always do an alternate color heel flap heel too....fingers crossed you'll have enough yarn! i love contrasting toes though!