Thursday, January 29, 2009

a wee sockenfest

YAY! two PAIR! ... yes, i have finished two pairs of socks, which really is 3 socks. one is a fresh pair, and the other, a rescued orphan.

first up, the very basic mindless fresh sockens ....


i made mom some kroy sockens at christmas. while home for christmas break, we went shopping at the local yarn store ... a craft store a couple towns away. over the holiday, the kroy sock yarn was on sale for $3/ball. 2 balls ='s a pair. i picked this colorway out for myself. i like the kroy because it's a basic socken yarn ... the wool/nylon/superwash variety. also, it's a little thicker so i can knit a sock with a wee 56 sts.

regardless, a yarn like this is perfect for the mindless knitting and netflix watching.

next up, is almost mindless, only because i have knitted this pattern many times ...

jitterbuggen moneky sockens

the only things i change about this pattern is the cast on ... i used a tubular cast on (it's very stretchy, and invisible), and i used my regular k1 sl1 heelflappen. the cast on is not that important, but i don't care for a stockinette heelflap. regardless of your knitting preferences, i still love the monkey sock pattern, and i think it's a great intro for a first time patterned sock.

this pair is a long time coming ... the first sock was knitted in summer '07. i do have orphans much older. i will dig in the pile and choose the next rescue.

but, in the meantime, it is still winter, and i will be wearing either of these pairs tomorrow.

top socks
yarn: patons kroy socks stripes in burnished sierra stripes, 2 balls.
needles: 2.75mm rosewood dpns by lantern moon (not sox stix).
pattern: basic top down 56st sock with heelflap and wedge toe.

bottoms socks
yarn: colinette's jitterbug in slate.
needles: kp's 2.5mm metal dpns.
pattern: monkey by cookie a. (available via knitty).
modifications: knitted only 5 repeats of pattern in leg, used a tubular cast on, knitted a slip st. heelflap, and knitted toe of choice.

so, though it appears to be a wee sockenfest, i really REALLY want to knit a sweater or something. but, i cannot concentrate or focus ... so i keep knitting socks.


Esoteric Knitter said...

yay!! for completed socks.

Stacey said...

Socks are perfect for us ADD knitters - love the stripey ones- the colors are very Halloween-ish... :) You are knocking down the orphans!

Dave said...

I really like the colours in those Kroy socks, and the fact that you let the stripes un-match makes me particularly happy! :-)

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooh nice monkeys! The Kroy ones are nice and stripey, =)

Anonymous said...

great new socks! Love the stripy-ness of the first pair and the colors in the monkeys!

I soooo want to start a sweater too, or a vest. For me. But I can't seem to make up my mind on a pattern or yarn. I really want to use some of my stash yarn. And it seems like there are other things that need to be done first. poo!