Saturday, October 31, 2009

want to wear the wool!

blooming cardigan

it's slowly coming along ... this cardigan (scroll down). i started it a couple of weeks ago, and like most projects, progressed nicely. of course, there's always a point where i have to stop and think (is it long enough before the armhole shaping ?). plus, there's not much knitting time anyways.

nevertheless, i am committed to this project. i keep thinking how nice it will be to wear when finished. the yarn is cascade's ecological wool. it comes in giant hanks. this might only take 2 hanks, possibly some of the third. i am still on my first hank of yarn (wound into a fat cake) and am part way through the armholes.

the yarn is very soft, but doesn't like to be ripped and reknit. the twist isn't very tight, so it gets kinda fluffy when overworked. guess i'll have to work harder to pay attention to my knitting.

i started with the back, and am still on the back. i will likely knit the fronts before the sleeves, though i wouldn't mind some mindless stockinette sleeves.

a project like this could inspire some button shopping too ....


Anonymous said...

Nice looking sweater in the making! Makes me want eco wool but we know better don't we? Purdy,purdy..

Lisa Randolph said...


amandacathleen said...

ooooo can't wait to see how your sweater turns out! I just started a sweater for myself out of the eco wool, holy big yarncake batman! Its huge!