Wednesday, December 16, 2009

addiction update

yes ... it is an addiction. but that's okay, because i've accepted it ;)

i have not finished the socks in my previous post, and i am on the toe of the socken-mate, because i started the Aestlight Shawl, and i am in love ..... LOVE ! it's love i tell you!

fresh socken yarn

here's the yarn i am using ... fearless fiber's superwash socken yarn. corbett bought this for me in 2007. i had swatched for socks, but was dubious of the gauge/durability. this yarn has great reviews though, and is often knitted at a tighter gauge than most fingering weight yarns (as mine is a 2ply).

the color is called butterscotch ... and it is so butterscotchy. i am knitting this shawl on my knitpicks options 4mm needles. i could not find any "free" addi lace needles in my stash (i think i have some ... but perhaps not). but, the option needles are working out just fine.

i am still on the triangle part, and should take a look at the pattern to see how far i should increase. sigh.

anyways, the yarn is beautiful, the pattern is lovely and simple, and i look forward to having a new shawl in a color i never thought i'd wear around my neck.


barefootrooster said...

beautiful yarn -- can't wait to see a progress picture of this stuff knitted up!

there's nothing wrong with this kind of addiction!

Anonymous said...

ooooo I can't wait to see! Such a pretty color.