Friday, December 11, 2009

a quick fix

i was knitting on some socks for one of my kal's ... but they're not working out. i needed a little "ego boost", so i decided to knit some mindless socks.

(truth be told, i came home to visit with a few of my vacation days. i did not pack lots of projects, books, magazines, yarn, etc, as i usually do. i told myself i was going to work on one pair of socks, and crochet on my hexagon blanket the entire time. well ...when that one pair of socks was not working out, i needed an emergency project. we made a mad dash a couple of towns over, and bought some craft store socken yarn. and let me tell you, it is SO worth it.)

mom's toasted almond socks

next time, i won't be stupid and think i can survive with so few choices. i'd rather drag home a suitcase of supplies, than limit myself.

but, i am liking this yarn very much. it's red heart & sole sock yarn in the colorway 'toasted almond'. i have some solids in my stash, but this is the first time working with this yarn. so far, so good.

mom really likes them, so i'm making them mom-sized. i finished the first sock in two days, and cast on the mate last night. it seems that the mate is knitting up same as the first, stripes and all.


Mouse said...

I have the same socks on my needles right now. For Red Heart yarn.. the sock yarn is pretty nice!

Hepsi said...

Mindless socks are sometimes just a really good choice. =) Yours are lovely!