Wednesday, May 05, 2010

it's may already?

well, a new month means new projects. and, i've cast on two new ones for my sock knitting groups on ravelry.

first i cast on a classic nancy bush pattern, rib and cable socks, from an old issue of IK magazine. and i used stash! this yarn is by emily parsons, and she calls her yarn sophie's toes. i love her yarn. the dye job is beautiful and it's got a great twist and loft. this colorway is called froggy.

froggy cables

this might be kinda "cheating" for me, as the pattern is not terribly challenging. but, sometimes i need something other than stockinette, but not a total head game.

i am on the toe right now. i usually stall there. thus, to be consistent, i proudly report i have stalled. i can't decide if i should rip back a bit or finish the toe now. i'm afraid my sock foot is too long. hmmmm .... i drive myself crazy.

i am knitting these on 2.5mm dpns as the yarn has lots of "boing" and it's only a 60 st cast on.

my other pair i started a few days ago. i'm knitting kristi from _sock innovation_.


as you can see, i'm using "craft store" yarn. but, i'm liking it very much. i have used it before for both my haruni and bluebells.

twisted traveling stitches

the yarn has a bit of hazy fuzz factor, but still manages to deliver good stitch definition. i'm knitting these on 2.5mm needles as well, as i was concerned the twisted traveling stitches might compromise the stretch of the fabric. but, it has plenty of stretch. i might even have to drop a needle size when i get to the foot.


AndiPants said...

I love how the first sock s pooling! It looks so summery.

Esoteric Knitter said...

I can't believe it's May either!!! Where has the time gone? I'm loving the socks!!

Rainy Daisy said...

Nothing wrong with the craft store yarn. Especially if you have something like "froggy" to bounce back to when you need it. :)