Monday, May 31, 2010

i can't keep secrets

mom's b-day is wednesday. not too long ago, she requested a shawl. now, she has shawls. and she doesn't often wear them, because she says, "i'm afraid it's going to get caught/snagged on something".

she said the ones knitted in lace wt. feel too "fragile" and wanted something "sturdier". what she wants is a shawl knitted with fingering wt. yarn.

so, i had placed an order to knitpicks with their last 40% off book sale, and added a few colorways of their palette yarn. i had sent her the link with the online colorcard. she picked out the color she liked. i veto'd it. shame on me. but the color she chose didn't say "warm and happy weather". i know. shame on me.

for her, i picked rosehip.

the flowers

shawl socks 015

the pattern is echo flower shawl and can be found here on ravelry. i knitted on 4mm needles and used under 3 balls of the palette yarn. i knitted 11 repeats of the flower chart, and did 7 stitch nupps. i even added some beads, but they're so tiny they're hardly noticeable.

i'm so bad at keeping secrets that one day i said, "hey, i cast on your b-day shawl". and another day i said, "i'm almost finished with it". and then this morning said, "hey, it's done!". yeah. she knows she's getting it.

it's okay though, because she knows i got her a b-day card too, but i didn't tell her what it says ;)


Walden said...

Beautiful! Thank you, I've been looking for just the right shawl to cast on and after seeing your post, I will be starting on this shawl tonight!

Hope your mom loves it!

beentsy said...

Oh! It's lovely. I even spotted a wee bead or two.

Don't nupps make your head want to explode though? :( I just cannot get friendly with them.

Esoteric Knitter said...

awwww it's definitely a great piece for your mom!!

VeganCraftastic said...

That's gorgeous!

leanne pizio said...

Beautemous! So sweet and pretty. Just curious but what color did Olivia choose?